Where do we meet for sessions?

All sessions are held online via a secure, confidential video platform which can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. My clients have found that meeting from the comfort of their own space and avoiding driving in traffic to an office is highly convenient, saves time and makes therapy much more user-friendly. 

How long is a therapy session?

A standard session is 50 minutes.

Do you take insurance?

I am out of network (OON) with insurance and am paid by my clients directly. I can provide you with a payment statement that you may submit to your insurance for potential partial reimbursement, provided you have OON plan benefits. Please contact your insurance verify your OON benefits, if any. 

What is your fee?

My fee is $250/session. Longer sessions are available at a pro-rated fee.

Why don't you take insurance?

Not being contracted with lower-reimbursing insurance panels allows me to see less clients on a weekly basis, giving me more time and energy to focus on supporting those I do see, as well as participate in frequent training and professional development. Some clients actually prefer not to use insurance for therapy at all in order to avoid having a diagnosis attached to their insurance record, limitations on the number of sessions or on the type of therapy they can have. 

What happens in the first session?

I'm interested. What's next?

We will first identify more comprehensively the primary issues that you'd like to work on resolving. Then I'll help you clarify your goals for therapy and how you would like to think, feel and be at the end of our time together. I'll be asking several questions as a part of the assessment process so that I can have a more in-depth understanding of your challenges and other important life factors that impact you. While the bulk of the assessment and goal-setting can usually be completed in our first session, this is a process that is ongoing as I get to know you as a person and as your goals evolve over time. 

The first step is to schedule a free 20-minute consultation so we can explore the kind of support you need and how I can work with your particular issues. It's an opportunity for you to get a feel for the kind of therapist I am and ask questions if you wish. If you or I feel that you might be better helped by another therapist who specializes in issues that I don't work with, I'm happy to provide you with referrals so that you can get the best support available. Otherwise, if we feel that we might be a good fit, we can schedule an initial session. 

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