My journey into the world of psychotherapy began as I was emerging from my own struggle with depression and anxiety. After much of my own therapeutic work, I pursued a Master's degree (Holistic Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, CA, 2011) to continue my path of self-discovery and learn how to support others in their psychological growth and healing. Since then I have worked extensively with individuals from all walks of life facing a wide range of life issues.


Our struggles can be as unique and complex as we are, and it is important for me to meet my clients where they're at with non-judgment, compassion and understanding. I approach therapy as a collaborative process, and it is a privilege for me to accompany people on their path to healing as they explore their inner selves and discover their innate strengths and wisdom.

As an animal lover and advocate, I volunteer locally with a nonprofit animal rescue organization. In addition to working with those in the veterinary field, I often am able to offer reduced fees for those volunteering/working in  animal rescue or shelters who would like to support around the psychological impact of animal rescue/shelter work.